ActiveState to Build Cross-Platform IDE Using Mozilla Foundation!

Thursday May 25th, 2000

Mitchell Baker wrote in to tell us that ActiveState is also using Mozilla as foundation of its cross platform IDE "Komodo."

Again, this damn "Mozilla is a platform" meme keeps turning up, refusing to be squashed by the "Mozilla should only be a browser" naysayers (the same folks, mind you, who admit that Microsoft is turning IE into a platform as well). When a company like ActiveState throws its development muscle behind Mozilla as it has with this announcement, it proves that Mozilla is actually being recognized as a key to future cross-platform development.

#18 Seperation of Mozilla platform and browser...?

by Silverthorn <>

Friday May 26th, 2000 5:35 PM

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I know this is probably still a bit early into things to think about this, but I'm curious. After writing my interpretation message, not sure if I was going too far in that direction or not... so...

I'm curious if there are any plans in terms of really seperating the platform from the browser. I mean thinking along the lines of something like GIMP, I don't really know the history but I'm guessing GIMP and GTK were origionally one and the same, were updated together, distributed together, etc.

After a certain point, they got split off a bit more with installing GTK in a seperate package (in Linux at least), and both of them having their own sites, version numbers and everything...

Is this going to happen with Mozilla? Once things get a bit more settled, will there be such and such version of "Mozilla platform/tookit" that you install. And then a version of the "Mozilla browser/news/etc. suite"?

I know that right now things are moving too fast for that to be really practical, but is it moving in that direction? It seems like it'd be the most logical thing if lots of other applications start to use the platform part of things.

Any thoughts?