ActiveState to Build Cross-Platform IDE Using Mozilla Foundation!

Thursday May 25th, 2000

Mitchell Baker wrote in to tell us that ActiveState is also using Mozilla as foundation of its cross platform IDE "Komodo."

Again, this damn "Mozilla is a platform" meme keeps turning up, refusing to be squashed by the "Mozilla should only be a browser" naysayers (the same folks, mind you, who admit that Microsoft is turning IE into a platform as well). When a company like ActiveState throws its development muscle behind Mozilla as it has with this announcement, it proves that Mozilla is actually being recognized as a key to future cross-platform development.

#16 Re: Mozilla is not a platform.

by aengblom <>

Friday May 26th, 2000 3:56 PM

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[I may know nothing! But this is my understanding]

Yes it is :P !

Ok seriously, Being open source, etc., the Moz team wanted to make Moz available to as many people/OS's as possible. However, there were/are not enough resources available to code "a Mozilla" for each seperate platform (at the quality/consistency desired). Instead, Moz developers created a small program (OS dependent) that could run the code of the browser (not OS dependent). As time has gone on, more and more people are realizing that they can harness the small OS dependent code to write their programs once and have them run on all the OSs that Moz supports with minimal difficulty.

What people have failed to understand is that Mozilla (the browser) is simply the one program to run off Mozilla (the platform). Similarly, Mozilla (messenger) and Mozilla (web editor) and Mozilla (address book) are all run on top of the Mozilla "platform." However, programs do not have to resemble a browser suite AT ALL!

The feeling that we all want a great browser is true, but to understand the full potential of the Moz code, it's important to realize that Moz CAN BE a platform. Further, Moz is not in competition with Win/Mac/Linux/etc. The Moz project is an attempt to make the OS you're running irrelevent to the applications you can run! This is an incredible feature, especially for the alt-OS community which often suffers from a lack of APPS!

Of coures this doesn't mean it will happen (ex. JAVA) and I highly doubt that an APP written on the "Moz platform" is going to debunk MSOFFICE, but it offers an incredible amount of power for smaller projects.

In the end, our opinions don't really matter. If you JUST want a browser and don't want a "PLATFORM", you're too late. Mozilla the BROWSER is already build on top of the Platform.