ActiveState to Build Cross-Platform IDE Using Mozilla Foundation!

Thursday May 25th, 2000

Mitchell Baker wrote in to tell us that ActiveState is also using Mozilla as foundation of its cross platform IDE "Komodo."

Again, this damn "Mozilla is a platform" meme keeps turning up, refusing to be squashed by the "Mozilla should only be a browser" naysayers (the same folks, mind you, who admit that Microsoft is turning IE into a platform as well). When a company like ActiveState throws its development muscle behind Mozilla as it has with this announcement, it proves that Mozilla is actually being recognized as a key to future cross-platform development.

#10 Re: Re: Mozilla is not a platform.

by leafdigital

Friday May 26th, 2000 9:40 AM

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Microsoft are building support for Web applications, not general applications. (They may hope for the latter too, but it won't happen.) They have a better chance at that with their market share, but still not spectacularly great. I imagine it will be used extensively to develop things like database access within a company (e.g. ordering systems, stock control, blah blah). It won't be used on the general Web, unless Netscape/Mozilla and the other browsers decline into complete insignificance leaving a complete IE monopoly.

If you mean the "Mozilla as a platform" concept in the sense that portions of Mozilla's code can be reused in other completely separate applications, then yes, sure. This is after all one major point of open source, and it doesn't apply just to Mozilla. Perhaps this is what ActiveState are doing, I didn't look at it. I don't really see this as "Mozilla as a platform", though - to me it seems more like an API. A tool for software developers to make their software, not a platform for software to "run on". Somewhat akin to the cross-platform GUI libraries that have been around for ages.

What I really disagree with is "Mozilla as a platform" based on web apps with XUL/JS and only the Mozilla browser binary. I mean, some people seem to think that this will take over the world and nobody will need to install desktop apps any more... well, er, no. This has already been done for IE (where the same claims were made), and nobody uses it.

Basically, I think saying that "Mozilla code can be reused in some other applications to good effect" is true and surely everyone would agree; but saying "Mozilla is a platform" is not at all the same.