Teaser - Native-looking Widgets for Windows

Wednesday May 24th, 2000

Did you try the chatzilla link? Here's what it looks like with Ben Goodger's Windows widgets, done up using XUL and XBL. Here's the preferences panel. It's not part of the nightlies, so you'll have to just enjoy the pretty pictures for now!

#3 coming soon to builds near you...

by Ben_Goodger

Thursday May 25th, 2000 12:26 AM

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Those of you with build environments can pull and build this. To do so, grab mozilla/themes/classic and make in classic. It does not appear in nightlies currently because

a) Nightly builds do not install skins automatically as debug builds do, so it'd be non functional unless you ran the skin installer yourself. b) I do not want heaps of bugs filed on something that is in development ;)

Thus far I've only got windows widgets going, but the plan is for separate Mac and Unix sets too.