Teaser - Native-looking Widgets for Windows

Wednesday May 24th, 2000

Did you try the chatzilla link? Here's what it looks like with Ben Goodger's Windows widgets, done up using XUL and XBL. Here's the preferences panel. It's not part of the nightlies, so you'll have to just enjoy the pretty pictures for now!

#21 widgets

by cristiana <>

Monday May 29th, 2000 10:24 AM

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I think its funny that in the open source world we are trying to standardize the look of our widgets, and apps, but in the commercial world everyone is trying to differentiate themselves by using a differnent widget set for each of their apps.

For example look at the real audio g2 player or the new ms media player. Do they look standardized, no. And look at apples fare, once the bastion of consistency in ui design, quicktime 4 and sherlock 2. The ui of sherlock2 reminds me of some unix file manager from 1990, i for one am against using photos as buttons, they look unprofessional, use ICONS.

anyway enough of my rant. but us in the open source world should not be as worried as we are.