Try out Chatzilla! Now Cross-platform!

Wednesday May 24th, 2000

Want to try out Chatzilla? Fire up Moz and click the button below! Using Linux? Windows? Shouldn't matter. Just click the link and Chatzilla will install (same file works on all platforms). Restart Mozilla and you'll find "IRC Chat" on the Tasks menu.

The install dialogs are in need of some skinnability lovin', so just click the "ok" in the purple box to start the install. This has been tested (and it works) on Linux and Windows. It fails on Mac due to a problem loading the XPInstall dialog. Let us know how you fare on your platform!

I think this proves that Mozilla is already starting to shape up as a cross-platform development tool!

#14 Re: Did you restart Mozilla? (n/t)

by skeeterow <>

Friday May 26th, 2000 3:40 AM

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Yes. I did. I also took a look in the fold with the windows explore and their is a new folder called chatzilla with a lot of graphics that look like part of the skin from a chat program. However can find an exe datei or anything in any of the menus with one can launch what was installed.