Netscape and ActiveState To Cooperate on Development

Wednesday May 24th, 2000

Bill Stilwell writes, "Found this over at daily - Netscape and ActiveState have announced a deal where they will cooperate on their development projects. ActiveState gets Javascript, while ActiveState will donate its Python and Perl work to the Mozilla project.

"JavaScript will join Perl and Python as supported languages in ActiveState's powerful Komodo integrated development environment. This will allow Web developers to edit, run and debug their JavaScript programs in a professional-class development tool fully oriented to the Web, while maintaining a close integration with the browser. In turn, Perl and Python will join JavaScript as programming languages in Mozilla, thereby making it easier for Open Source programmers to use the Mozilla framework, and giving Mozilla developers access to additional scripting technologies."

#10 They better WORK, girl...

by jesusX <>

Wednesday May 24th, 2000 6:20 PM

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This late in teh game, either they're not going to try for NS6 final / Moz1.0, or they're going to throw a bunch of developers on this to get it up to speed FAST...