Our First Skinning Tutorial

Tuesday May 23rd, 2000

I have set to work developing a skin for Mozilla's browser component. Over the next few weeks, articles describing my efforts will be appearing on the chromeZone, offering tips and issues to be aware of while creating your own skin. At the end of the series, you will have a working "Communicator-like" skin.

In the first installment, I describe Mozilla's chrome directory structure, and some of the essential concepts.

#2 Good article.

by leafdigital

Wednesday May 24th, 2000 9:10 AM

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Well-written, clear... I'm looking forward to the rest of it, and the "Navigator classic" screenshot looks pretty convincing too.

I think mozilla skins are going to be pretty hot. Forget the "Mozilla is an application platform" crap - this is the real benefit of XUL, and it's not an insignificant one. Finally, if something about my browser (which I spend an awful lot of time using) annoys me, I'll actually be able to change it.