Second Part of MozillaQuest Skinning Tutorial Online

Monday May 22nd, 2000

Mike Angelo's second installment in his "MozillaQuest" skinning tutorial is online at Mike continues his customization of the M15 milestone release, and provides all the instructions and image resources you need to accomplish the task.

Keep an eye out for part one of my own personal "skinning" odyssey, coming online in the chromeZone soon!

#5 Re: when will this be worthwhile?

by jedbro

Tuesday May 23rd, 2000 1:52 PM

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I personally would go ahead and make a kick-ass skin this summer as you plan. Reasons are; 1.- The changes made from here to August should be minor. 2.- stabalizing will be finished in august. (as stated before this)

Depending on the complexity, you will not have a hard time whatsoever changing your skins to meet the *new* changes.

This isn't a language you will have to re-learn.. more like an upgrade =)