Second Part of MozillaQuest Skinning Tutorial Online

Monday May 22nd, 2000

Mike Angelo's second installment in his "MozillaQuest" skinning tutorial is online at Mike continues his customization of the M15 milestone release, and provides all the instructions and image resources you need to accomplish the task.

Keep an eye out for part one of my own personal "skinning" odyssey, coming online in the chromeZone soon!

#4 Re: when will this be worthwhile?

by svn <>

Tuesday May 23rd, 2000 8:49 AM

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Brendan Eich (Mozilla architecture person at on this topic: "As I and others have said in the mozilla.seamonkey group, wants to provide a branded set of coherent interfaces and implementations this year, and I would say no later than August, that are frozen along with their IIDs or other identifiers. Various subsidiary modules in Mozilla are moving toward their own freezes (e.g., XPCOM, JS1.5) and I don't mean to trump those efforts, only to roll up their fruits in a single platform that spans the Mozilla application suite (browser, mail/news, editor, chatzilla, xmlterm, etc.)"