Second Part of MozillaQuest Skinning Tutorial Online

Monday May 22nd, 2000

Mike Angelo's second installment in his "MozillaQuest" skinning tutorial is online at Mike continues his customization of the M15 milestone release, and provides all the instructions and image resources you need to accomplish the task.

Keep an eye out for part one of my own personal "skinning" odyssey, coming online in the chromeZone soon!

#3 when will this be worthwhile?

by luge

Tuesday May 23rd, 2000 8:22 AM

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Just skimming, this looks like a pretty good guide/tutorial piece. However, we all know the APIs are a seriously shifting target, so at least some of this is already out of date (just like Aphrodite :( and much more of it will be out of date before the chrome APIs stabilize. My question is: does anyone here (does anyone anywhere?) know when those particular (not all APIs, just chrome) are supposed to become stable? I'd really like to do a skin over the summer, but I also want it to remain usable and not have to relearn everything at some point down the road. Thanks in advance for your answers... ~luge