New Mozilla DevCenter at O'Reilly

Friday May 19th, 2000

The Mozilla DevCenter at the O'Reilly Network website has gone up, and to start they have two pieces from Ian Oeschger on XUL, "XUL Tools and What They Mean" and "How to Change Your Look With Mozilla Skins", and a piece by David Boswell titled "Mozilla as an Application Virtual Machine". They also have a digest of news from mozillaZine,'s newsbot, and the Mozilla Internationalization feed.

#4 Re: Re: O'reilly moz book.

by triptych <>

Monday May 22nd, 2000 10:19 AM

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Such a book could not yet be written. The syntax for XUL, XBL, etc. is still quite in flux. It would be way out of date by the time it came out... Even so, though, I could imagine work on a book could start now...