Cool Introduction To Mozilla's Technologies

Wednesday May 17th, 2000

Shelley Powers writes, "Archimedes once said of the lever, 'Give me a place to stand, and I can move the earth'. I'd like to modify that quote and say 'Give me XML, CSS, and a little script, and I can create any application'.

"The technology that inspires this statement is all bundled up under the misnomer 'browser', and goes by the name of Mozilla or Navigator 6.0.

"I say 'misnomer' because though all of the components delivered with each product do make up a browser, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. In fact, downloading Mozilla/Navigator 6.0 is like getting your own little toolbox of goodies that you can then use to create your own applications.

"Once you have a better idea of the functionality that's easily accessible, you'll be just like me -- you can't wait to create your first application. So here's mine, an online interactive tutorial that covers the functionality included with Mozilla/Navigator 6.0.

"There are two ways to view the tutorial: viewing the tutorial pages directly or using the Tutorial Viewer, created using XUL."

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by Tanyel <>

Thursday May 25th, 2000 4:25 PM

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Well, while Mozilla may be able to cache files, nobody said that functionality could be accessed from scripting languages.

If you are referring to the HTML tables, that would be displaying files, not converting files. Using a plugin to fill in the missing functionality would be like using Java as somebody else suggested. It would make the word processor possible but would not suggest any benefit from using Mozilla.

However, I have noticed something about file input/output capability being added to the Javascript. I wonder if my comments had anything to do with that... Regardless of the reasons, that would greatly improve things.