Mozilla FAQ for Newbies

Monday May 15th, 2000

Gerbil writes, "I finally finished work on NewZilla, my unofficial Netscape 6 and Mozilla FAQ targetting newbies. Although I still need to make some minor tweaks (like a better looking welcome page), I appreciate spreading the word around, and any additional critiques are welcome also.


#2 Re: NewZilla

by gerbilpower <>

Tuesday May 16th, 2000 1:09 AM

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Grammar critiques are always welcome :)

My site is targeted at people are either unfamiliar with Mozilla or jumped to too many early conclusions with PR1. Since I'm dealing with the average Dick and Jane, I have to get pretty basic in my explanations ... although I won't go as far to explain what a computer is. I do plan in including stuff that's targeted at more advanced users, especially those who are interested in getting involved with Mozilla.

I was tempted to promote a spread a little bit of propaganda around, but unconditional support? I have to give good reasons for people to support something rather than ask them to do it blindly, which is what I'm trying to do.