Mozilla FAQ for Newbies

Monday May 15th, 2000

Gerbil writes, "I finally finished work on NewZilla, my unofficial Netscape 6 and Mozilla FAQ targetting newbies. Although I still need to make some minor tweaks (like a better looking welcome page), I appreciate spreading the word around, and any additional critiques are welcome also.


#1 NewZilla

by Tanyel <>

Monday May 15th, 2000 11:20 PM

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The second occurrence of the word "so" should be removed from the second question on the Mozilla page.

It says "So if it's open source, so who else is working on Mozilla besides Netscape?"

It should say "So if it's open source, who else is working on Mozilla besides Netscape?"

Is this Website targeted to twelve-year-olds?

I have not read every Webpage of this site. It seems to be a good tool to quickly attack Internet Explorer and promote the unconditional support of Mozilla. I suppose that means it is the way it should be.