News On Amiga Port

Monday May 15th, 2000

James Russell has posted news on the Amiga Mozilla port in the n.p.m.builds newsgroup. In it, he discusses porting to the new Amiga OS and to the "classic" Amiga, and he has lots of interesting information on Amiga and its future, and how to get involved in the porting of Mozilla.

#1 New Amiga development machine in production

by Kovu

Monday May 15th, 2000 6:15 PM

The new Amiga Developer System, for developers to learn the new VP code, goes into production next week, supposedly. Two different suppliers have released info on the system (a fairly low-end PC, NOT that the Amiga is a PC, the new OS can run on any major architecure) and those releases are: and The latter link is a little muddled, but they offer (I think in addition to the $750 systems) a version that will allow users to plug in an Amiga 1200 (they're now under $200!) motherboard and be able to easily switch between the Classic system and the new system, which will run hosted within Red Hat Linux (for drivers).