Weekend Discussion: Is Netscape Doing the Right Thing?

Friday May 12th, 2000

Netscape recently released its plans for the PR2 branch. then released their tree plans for the next few months, and then followed up this evening with a more detailed position on tree management. The one thing that is clear is that Netscape is working on an accelerated schedule. has yet to release a beta, and Netscape is currently working towards a second beta. Feature freeze for Netscape is coming much earlier than for Mozilla. This means that Netscape's feature list will probably be truncated somewhat (although the developers are trying mightily to get the remaining features in), and it also means that there might be changes to Mozilla before its release that impact its compatibility with Netscape's final release. Netscape has promised standards compliance, but there is also the serious question as to how bug-free that standards compliance will be by final release.

Is Netscape doing the right thing by pushing ahead and trying to get a release into the public's hands? Or will they just end up alienating Mozilla developers and website developers by rushing a product to market? Is it even fair to consider it "rushing"?

#30 What is all the fuss about ?

by Salsaman

Friday May 19th, 2000 2:58 PM

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I am somebody who has been following the development of Mozilla closely, but without trying to get too much involved with the politics of Netscape/Mozilla.

As far as I could gather from the quoted mail messages: NS beta 2 will be based on M16; Netscape 6 will be out before Mozilla 1.0. As has been pointed out, Mozilla may never reach 1.0, as it will (probably) always be developing. So what is new here ? Are Netscape pulling their developers off Mozilla devolpment ? Are they going to stop supporting Moz ? Unless they are then it seems to me to be needless worrying.