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Thursday May 11th, 2000

Brian Staples writes, "Over at they are running an interesting article on Netscape 6. They were talking about how not to be surprised to see it on a TV in some shape or form. They also said how it could easily become an IE killer when two months ago they were proclaiming the death of Netscape. Also they did the usual in-depth look at the features. Another good point is how Netscape helped make the web we know and love. Hmm maybe my nice, persuasive letter to the Vice President of the magazine had something to do with it."

#3 e-mail names

by jesse <>

Monday May 15th, 2000 5:32 PM

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"A popular feature of most newer e-mail programs is included as well: When you read your e-mail, Netscape automatically stores the senders' addresses so you can send them mail later by simply typing the name in the To: field when you start composing."

i haven't been using mail/news, but i hope mozilla isn't actually doing that. oe does that occassionally (if a message posted to a newsgroup or mailing list is signed, for example), and it's extremely annoying. i don't keep track mentally of who's in my address book, and i don't make sure that none of the spam i recieve has a "from" field that might be mistaken for someone i have met or will meet in the future.