Precompiled Binaries Now Available on!!!

Thursday September 3rd, 1998

You heard right! has stepped up to bat with nightly builds of precompiled binaries! Yes, I'm as shocked as y'all! Go here as fast as your wittle wegs can carry you. Right now, there are builds for Linux, MAC, and Win32. One thing, tho.. these compiles are rather large (larger than some recent builds have been). The largest is just under 6M! I'm not sure what all is in there, but I'm itching to find out...

#1 Re:Precompiled Binaries Now Available on Mozilla.o

by Alistair McLaurin <>

Tuesday September 8th, 1998 9:48 AM

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For those of you looking for the Visual C++ Runtime DLLs, which are required to run the Mozilla Debug code but which have (incorrectly, I believe) not posted on their web site, I have posted them on my home page at


I hope this helps

Alistair McLaurin