Mozilla's XML Support Compared to Other Browsers

Tuesday May 9th, 2000

Simon St. Laurent has a new browser comparison chart at which compares the extent of XML support in the latest browsers. Mozilla compares very favorably, supporting more features on the chart than the other browsers. XSLT support is not there yet, but it's coming, thanks to the great work of Mozilla's volunteeer developers.

#2 XML w/o style sheet--

by Waldo

Tuesday May 9th, 2000 7:11 PM

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Question-- why does Mozilla display stylesheetless XML as inline text rather than try to present it structured?

I'm not too clueful about XML, but I've tried to view raw xml w/o a stylesheet before and it just came out as a blast of text (no linefeeds or anythign, as i recall) with the tags stripped out.

How does IE structure the output? Does it show the tags and nesting or something? Or is there a default stylesheet that it uses for unknown elements?

Just curious. I suppose I could just download 5.0 for mac and look, but hey, we've got all these experienced web designers, so I may actually get some comments/info/enlightenment with the answer :)