How To Get Involved in Mozilla QA

Monday May 8th, 2000

Gervase Markham, whom some of you met at the Developer Meeting last month, has created a great QA introduction page. If you are interested in submitting a Mozilla bug report, or are just interested in finding out other ways to contribute to Mozilla, it's a great place to start.

#1 Also...

by Gerv

Tuesday May 9th, 2000 2:55 AM

I just want to add that QA is a great way to contribute to Mozilla if you don't consider yourself a ninja code-guru (which I don't) but want to do something helpful :-) If you're not that familiar with the project, it's also a good way to get more involved.


#2 Thanks for a great page Gerv

by asa

Tuesday May 9th, 2000 6:26 AM

This is really the first time we've had a clear 'how to help out testing Mozilla' page. It is a great resource and I encourage everyone who is interested in contributing (code or testing) to take a look at it. And for those that are already involved it is a well organized quick reference (and a great place to find all those links you want to include in your bug comments).


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