Weekend Discussion

Friday May 5th, 2000

Has the Web revolution just begun? Or is the Web already in a phase of decreasing returns? Are the Web's possibilities boundless, or nearing exhaustion?

Are you still having fun? Is the Web a new learning experience every day? Or are you overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) with new standards, new programming paradigms, new letters like 'i', 'e', and 'x'? Is the Web still your friend? Or is it the monkey on your back?

#6 no news = good news

by jilles

Saturday May 6th, 2000 4:53 AM

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No news is good news I guess.

I don't believe in revolutions. I think the average web user couldn't care less what's going on at mozilla.

Mozilla (when finished) will start a painfully slow transition to a more standardized web. I think it is going to take years to complete this process. For webusers it will just appear as evolution of the web, most likely they will hardly notice when sites will become compliant with the various websites.

From a pure technology perspective the coming few years are going to be interesting. Loads of people are investing loads of money in web related stuff so something interesting should happen. I just don't think it will have any revolutionary impact on society. It all fits in with the evolutionary, technology driven change that has been going on for the past few centuries. Probably the introduction of the web was a relatively quick step in this evolution (it took about five years for most people to get online).