Weekend Discussion

Friday May 5th, 2000

Has the Web revolution just begun? Or is the Web already in a phase of decreasing returns? Are the Web's possibilities boundless, or nearing exhaustion?

Are you still having fun? Is the Web a new learning experience every day? Or are you overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) with new standards, new programming paradigms, new letters like 'i', 'e', and 'x'? Is the Web still your friend? Or is it the monkey on your back?

#18 The road goes ever on and on...

by Orinoco

Thursday May 11th, 2000 8:19 PM

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Web, Internet, same thing. I've been her e since '91. The thing which strikes me is how little things change. Oh, the corporates and PR flacks are constantly crowing over Digital this and Convergence that, but my sister's favorite app is ICQ, eight years after I first logged on to IRC. Mail is still the core. Even discussion groups like this are simply re-hashes of the decades old usenet news system. The speed improves, the interfaces get prettier, but the thing the Internet always did was connect people. That's the key. People talking to people. The advertising may say different, but that's just pretty lies to make you buy things. Surely you know that by now.

It can't be denied that the Net is changing things out there in the 'real world'. To hash an old topic, the Recording Industries are suddenly finding that they can no longer charge lots of money just to copy 600Mb files. Economies are in upheaval. The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy is being made flesh. When you change the way people relate to each other, a lot of other things which depended on those relations will change chaotically. More people log on daily. The eventual goal is everyone, everywhere. Resistance is futile. :-)

As long as this free, unrestricted personal communication continues, the corporates can fill as many billboards as they like, the legislators can pass as many laws as they like, and the internet will, at heart, stay the same. It may even improve as the technology arrives to make the Great Conversation even more intense.

Of course there are many power stuctures with vested interests in silence and complicity, but every attempt to restrict the flow has resulted with the pipes exploding in their faces. People love to talk.

The revolution continues. The wheel turns, and turns, often bringing us old ideas with a new twist. Each revolution takes us a little further along the road. Wherever we're going. Maybe there is no destination? just the journey, and the friends we meet along the way. Enjoy the ride.

~ Orinoco