Weekend Discussion

Friday May 5th, 2000

Has the Web revolution just begun? Or is the Web already in a phase of decreasing returns? Are the Web's possibilities boundless, or nearing exhaustion?

Are you still having fun? Is the Web a new learning experience every day? Or are you overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) with new standards, new programming paradigms, new letters like 'i', 'e', and 'x'? Is the Web still your friend? Or is it the monkey on your back?

#11 Re: Playtime is over, Now let's get serious!

by aengblom <>

Sunday May 7th, 2000 1:55 PM

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Thanks to Y2K, I *CAN* register for my classes via the web! So some things like that are coming. There are some websites that help you pay bills and if you don't wanna watch how much you spend, many utility companies can charge your credit card and a number of them can w/d directly from your checking account! :)

I Just can't wait until we forget it's the web and the information just appears :)