Weekend Discussion

Friday May 5th, 2000

Has the Web revolution just begun? Or is the Web already in a phase of decreasing returns? Are the Web's possibilities boundless, or nearing exhaustion?

Are you still having fun? Is the Web a new learning experience every day? Or are you overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) with new standards, new programming paradigms, new letters like 'i', 'e', and 'x'? Is the Web still your friend? Or is it the monkey on your back?

#10 Playtime is over, Now let's get serious!

by yancey

Saturday May 6th, 2000 9:55 PM

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I feel that the newness of the web is beginning to wear off and people are looking for something different to keep their attention.

Along those lines, the web will have to become more valuable than it is fun and interesting. It is high time that standards took over and we really begin to do useful things with the web instead of seeing how exciting we can make a flash presentation.

I want to see a web where I can actually DO things on the web, not just see stuff. I want to be able to schedule my own classes, not just see the schedule. I want to be able to pay bills, not just see my account balance. The web should enable us to do things we otherwise could not. I don't need another electronic newspaper or fan site. Show me a web that saves me time and money. Otherwise, I'm gonna go watch T.V. because the web just isn't that interesting anymore.