XML-RPC and Mozilla (and other coolness)

Friday May 5th, 2000

Martijn Pieters has checked in a scriptable XML-RPC client component into the tree. It can be enabled by building with

--with-extensions="default xml-rpc"

Check out this bug for more information, or this introductory article at by Edd Dumbill.

There are a lot of other cool things coming into the builds that you'll want to keep an eye out for. Back and forward button history lists. Message Filters. Skin install support and switching. All this and more will be coming in before the middle of May, according to the latest schedule. We'll let you know. Check out the build bar for the latest info on the daily builds.

#1 seems that Moz developpement is getting faster ?

by RvR

Friday May 5th, 2000 8:33 AM

great progress. it seems to me that mozilla's development is going faster and faster, don't you think ? (maybe because now the fundations are build and the new features are more concrete for end-users)

#3 Re: seems that Moz developpement is getting faster

by gerbilpower

Friday May 5th, 2000 12:03 PM

It might be that the recent changes are much more visible. Changes to the code can also be "under the hood" stuff that improves Mozilla but is transparent to the user, but with the feature-complete deadline coming the recent changes are much more visual :)


#2 blocking images

by thule

Friday May 5th, 2000 11:33 AM

What happened to the image blocking feature? Is it going to make a come back?

#4 Re: blocking images

by wrffr

Friday May 5th, 2000 12:20 PM

you can reenable it using the following preference--

user_pref("imageblocker.enabled", true);

#5 Re: Re: blocking images

by thule

Friday May 5th, 2000 12:53 PM

spiffy! Is that documented anywhere that I should have looked?

#6 Re: blocking images

by daw

Friday May 5th, 2000 1:45 PM

But the preferences settings for controlling it are all gone. I get a nasty feeling about this. Was it removed because ad blocking would ruin Netscape's business model? I think it goes without saying, that's an abominable reason.

#7 Re: Re: blocking images

by odd

Friday May 5th, 2000 1:52 PM

nah, it should appear again once you've set the above preference; imageblocker.enabled to true.

#8 XML-RPC will be part of the default build.

by mjpieters

Friday May 5th, 2000 2:33 PM

And therefor also in the nightlies and in the milestones. I'll be checking in things tonight.

#9 XML-RPC will be part of the default build.

by mjpieters

Friday May 5th, 2000 2:46 PM

UNIX and Win32 now build with XML-RPC, smfr will do Mac for me, soon.

#10 Incoming or outgoing?

by locka

Sunday May 7th, 2000 1:11 PM

Does the component allow for outgoing or incoming calls? Assuming that we stuck a simple http server thread onto Mozilla would it be possible to drive Mozilla through the server using XML-RPC calls?

Would this pose a security risk?

Could Mozilla 1.1 use XML-RPC to split each browser window into a separate process for extra robustness, co-ordinating via XML-RPC?

#11 Re: Incoming or outgoing?

by mjpieters

Friday May 12th, 2000 4:53 AM

It is a client, so outgoing requests only. Accepting incoming requests would certainly raise security issues, yes.

Note that XML-RPC is a very simple protocol, it only supports primitive datatypes, plus an array and a hash construct. With it's HTTP protocol overhead it will never do for inter-process communication. I am sure that XPCOM will develop it's own protocols for that, or at least choose one more suitable to the task.