New Build Bar!

Wednesday May 3rd, 2000

We've added a new feature to our front page, which can help you determine if a daily build for your platform is worth downloading. At the top of the page you will see what we've termed a "build bar" underneath the banner ad. We list the three daily build platforms, and a ranking for each. If a build has received a thumbs down, it means that there are serious problems (like a crash on startup) that will prevent you from effectively testing it. Thumbs up means it's worth the time to download (no serious issues). Thumbs up with an exclamation point: there's something worth checking out. "N/T": the build hasn't been checked out. I should note that the thumbs up icons don't mean that you won't have any problems. Testing of dailies means you take the bad with the good.

If you pass your mouse over the icons, the "tooltip" that pops up will have comments from Asa Dotzler and other folks in #mozillazine regarding that particular build.

Also, the platform names themselves link to builds. If the build linked to isn't the latest, there's probably a problem with the latest build. In that case, check out the comment to find out more.

We hope you like our new addition. If you want to give comments regarding a build to Asa, who will maintain the bar, track him down in #mozillazine.

#37 User/Developer Interaction

by thelem

Friday May 5th, 2000 11:21 AM

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I think bug10096 really sums up what is so great about open source software. When I posted this the Build bar was showing a !, saying that drop down menus had been added to the back/forward buttons.

If you take a look at the bug <> you will see that 3 days ago I (<>) posted a message to jog this bug, which got code which had been mostly written into the tree. In a closed software world (even if they released every night, or every milestone) this would have been left until M20, which will probably be after the Netscape Beta 2. Something like this will get picked up by people reviewing Netscape PR2, so it is quite important IMO.

Maybe I should have posted this to the last weekend discussion, but I doubt many people are reading that anymore.

Oh, and well done to the people who wrote the code (Radha and Ben?)