New Build Bar!

Wednesday May 3rd, 2000

We've added a new feature to our front page, which can help you determine if a daily build for your platform is worth downloading. At the top of the page you will see what we've termed a "build bar" underneath the banner ad. We list the three daily build platforms, and a ranking for each. If a build has received a thumbs down, it means that there are serious problems (like a crash on startup) that will prevent you from effectively testing it. Thumbs up means it's worth the time to download (no serious issues). Thumbs up with an exclamation point: there's something worth checking out. "N/T": the build hasn't been checked out. I should note that the thumbs up icons don't mean that you won't have any problems. Testing of dailies means you take the bad with the good.

If you pass your mouse over the icons, the "tooltip" that pops up will have comments from Asa Dotzler and other folks in #mozillazine regarding that particular build.

Also, the platform names themselves link to builds. If the build linked to isn't the latest, there's probably a problem with the latest build. In that case, check out the comment to find out more.

We hope you like our new addition. If you want to give comments regarding a build to Asa, who will maintain the bar, track him down in #mozillazine.

#1 Awesome!!!

by burtonator

Wednesday May 3rd, 2000 9:33 PM

This is a *REALLY* good idea!!!!

The only other thing I would add is to allow people to comment on how they think the lastest builds are. I have been bitten by this in the past when I have downloaded a bad build.

Also, you could have people vote on how stable they think that nightly build is. :)

<joking>Of course I have patents pending on all my above ideas</joking>

#2 Nice

by johnlar

Wednesday May 3rd, 2000 9:43 PM

Nice, it would be nicer to be able to click on a link and see more complete info. Like a auto release notes, new features, things to watch out for, things the developers want you to test out. Known issues they don't want you to report a bug on, like the last week when they had the boxed around the XUL sections. We should be able to be informed so we won't waist their time.

#13 Re: Nice

by sdm

Thursday May 4th, 2000 7:58 AM

Maybe there could be a link to bonsai, and the checkins in the last day?

#3 Cool

by PhiSch

Wednesday May 3rd, 2000 10:44 PM

Hello 2 gether,

thats very cool. Just one tip. Why not make em klickable, so one can check whether the build is ok and then klilck to get it.

have a nice day


#6 It is. Click the platform name to get the build.

by mozineAdmin

Thursday May 4th, 2000 5:00 AM


#14 thanx

by PhiSch

Thursday May 4th, 2000 8:29 AM

thanx, it is working now. But for some reason not in the nightly build u used this morning; IE and NN4.x render a link.

have a nice day.


#4 If only

by jimminy_xmas

Wednesday May 3rd, 2000 11:06 PM

It would be nice if only it worked on Mozilla. Maybe my install is bad or maybe it is just my platform (linux), but nothing happens when I click on the build bar (no mouse-over either). How about it?

#7 Mozilla doesn't have tooltips yet...

by mozineAdmin

Thursday May 4th, 2000 5:02 AM

when it does, we'll support it on Mozilla. The one thing I was against was using layers or any DHTML on our front page.

#15 Re: Mozilla doesn't have tooltips yet...

by sab39

Thursday May 4th, 2000 9:27 AM

How about, you click on the thumb and get to a talkback page, with the contents of the tooltip (Asa's comments) as the "article". That way everyone can chip in with real "review" information of the build.

I think lots of people have different conditions under which they would download a nightly. For example, due to time constraints I'd really only like to download builds if they're pretty solid (so far I've only used milestones, and I'm ready to put up with a little less stability than that, but not drastically so). Other people might be happy with "it runs without crashing on startup", and others will be somewhere in between.

A full talkback page where everyone can comment on a build would enable everybody to make a decision, regardless of their own criteria for "thumbs up" and "thumbs down".

#33 Re: Mozilla doesn't have tooltips yet...

by theuiguy

Friday May 5th, 2000 7:01 AM

And when tooltips are supported it will probably be with the title attribute instead of alt. Right?

#5 Fantastic idea!

by danielhill

Thursday May 4th, 2000 1:23 AM

A marvellous idea! Far too many times have I d/led a nightly to find it's worse than the one before it.

#8 Build Bar on other pages?

by slipszi

Thursday May 4th, 2000 5:59 AM

How about putting the Build Bar on other pages as well? I usually read Slashdot and read the mozillaZine articles through a Slashbox. Therefore, I rarely check the main page.

#9 MZ Rendering broken in tonight's build (n/t)

by Hendy99

Thursday May 4th, 2000 6:25 AM


#10 Yes indeed. (n/t)

by mozineAdmin

Thursday May 4th, 2000 6:27 AM

#11 Sidebar stuff!

by jonde

Thursday May 4th, 2000 7:47 AM

This could very well be sidebar stuff! You would just add MozillaZine's sidebar , and it would show are the new nightlies worth downloading, and what's happening at Mozilla. News headlines and build information, all in one Sidebar tab. Wouldn't that be great?

#23 Re: Sidebar stuff!

by jedbro

Thursday May 4th, 2000 1:48 PM

That would be awesome.. why don't we talk to Asa about setting up a sidebar channel where this could be discussed. (would therefor also be able to been see in and keep the same for mozillazine.

#35 Re: Re: Sidebar stuff!

by jonde

Friday May 5th, 2000 10:16 AM

Yeah, why not?

#12 Add build ID to info.

by Quelish

Thursday May 4th, 2000 7:55 AM

How about figuring out a way to add the build ID/build time in addition to the build date??

There is usually more than one build in a day and I'd like to know when it gets updated.

#16 Re: Add build ID to info.

by punkrider

Thursday May 4th, 2000 9:36 AM

Yes. This is a very important piece of info. At least put the date and hour of the build. Otherwise, how do I know you aren't talking about today's build at 11 EST here or yesterdays there at 8 PST?

Keep up the good work!

#17 The build linked to is the one rated (n/t)

by mozineAdmin

Thursday May 4th, 2000 9:40 AM


#26 But...

by punkrider

Thursday May 4th, 2000 6:55 PM

What if I downloaded a build at 8 am, and it is now 3pm, how do I know that I'm not going to download the 8 am build again? Especially in a case where they both rate the same. ie. Thumbs up for 8am, and thumbs up for 6 pm.


#28 Look at the directory...

by mozineAdmin

Thursday May 4th, 2000 7:45 PM

for example, a build may be in a directory called


for example. The 3rd number after the year is the hour the build was made. So, just check the full URL of the link to find out what build you'll be getting.

#19 yes, but what if i d/l different version?

by KaiRo

Thursday May 4th, 2000 11:15 AM

It's good that it's the linked one - but what if I want to download a different version of that build, e.g. the win32 installer or talkback instead of the standard .zip? It would be better to read there what build it is than to have to check the link every time...

#29 Re: yes, but what if i d/l different version?

by basic

Thursday May 4th, 2000 9:13 PM

This brings up the question of whether if when for example mozilla-win32 gets a thumbs up, does that also means that mozilla-win32-installer and mozilla-win32-talkback gets thumbs up too? I don't think so.

#18 What about the SOURCE

by briank

Thursday May 4th, 2000 11:13 AM

It would be nice if this new bar applied to the source download too. Is the source used for the nightly binaries the same as the source download?

It is not pleaseant to download the source, build it, and find out it does not even start.


#22 Re: What about the SOURCE

by sdm

Thursday May 4th, 2000 12:56 PM

The source for the nightly is used in the same source as what's used in the binary.

#20 #mozillazine question

by luge

Thursday May 4th, 2000 12:15 PM

This probably sounds like a pretty stupid question, but is #mozillazine on or

#21 (n/t)

by mozineAdmin

Thursday May 4th, 2000 12:22 PM


#24 add forum

by coolkees

Thursday May 4th, 2000 3:50 PM

I think this is a great idea! I have one suggestion, I'd like to hear your opion(s). Could you attach a forum to it, that way you could have a forum about the latest nightly build every day. Just an idea.

#25 add forum

by coolkees

Thursday May 4th, 2000 3:53 PM

I think this is a great idea! I have one suggestion, I'd like to hear your opion(s). Could you attach a forum to it, that way you could have a forum about the latest nightly build every day. Just an idea.

#27 Mirrors?

by robk

Thursday May 4th, 2000 6:57 PM

it'd be nice to have a page with mirror lists instead of a straight link to I'm in Oz, after all, and we have for this sort of thing.

#30 Build bar and NS 473 and Outlook in love

by basic

Friday May 5th, 2000 12:31 AM

Cool build bar. Now if there can be a why this is a good/bad build page...

NS473 is out, besides the bookmark bug being fixed, is there any other reason to download?

XUL looks like it is going though yet another round of "upgrades" (regression!!!). Does this mean more skinability coming soon? With the latest Outlook fiasco (this time with love...), I'm wondering if anyone has tested Moz for possible security problems?

#34 it's more secure than outlook anyway

by archen

Friday May 5th, 2000 10:16 AM

Mozilla can't run visual basic scripts, that's a "microsoft" problem, due to their "innovations".

ugh.. with these new back buttons and the , search button, and that other arrow thing, pretty soon all I'll be able to see is "http:" in the URL bar

#36 Re: it's more secure than outlook anyway

by basic

Friday May 5th, 2000 11:03 AM

Well Mozilla has Javascript. Though not as dangerous, but it has problems before. Moz's Javascript security is suppost to be better but has anyone tested or checked it for holes?

#31 More on Build Bar ID Inclusion...

by TonyG

Friday May 5th, 2000 2:40 AM

Chris, in the pursuit of excellence :-) , could we - as was suggested in an earlier post - have the build ID of the last build you downloaded on display. However, I thought it would be cool to have the value "personalised".

Maybe you could have the download link point at a Jascript that grabs the file but also stores the ID number in a cookiie. Then when the user goes to the page again, the value is read out of the cookie and displayed as the ID of the "last downloaded build".

Alternatively, you could just display the filename to keep admin simple...

Happy to write the javascript etc if you don't have the time :-)

#32 Re: More on Build Bar ID Inclusion...

by asa

Friday May 5th, 2000 6:47 AM

You can see this build id in the URL in the buildbar. If you mouse over the buildbar link you will see the URL in the status bar of mozilla. The URL looks something like where the "2000-05-04-12-M16" part is the build ID. BuildID is Year-Month-Day-Hour-DevCycle. I think this is what you are looking for, or am I missing something.


#37 User/Developer Interaction

by thelem

Friday May 5th, 2000 11:21 AM

I think bug10096 really sums up what is so great about open source software. When I posted this the Build bar was showing a !, saying that drop down menus had been added to the back/forward buttons.

If you take a look at the bug you will see that 3 days ago I ( posted a message to jog this bug, which got code which had been mostly written into the tree. In a closed software world (even if they released every night, or every milestone) this would have been left until M20, which will probably be after the Netscape Beta 2. Something like this will get picked up by people reviewing Netscape PR2, so it is quite important IMO.

Maybe I should have posted this to the last weekend discussion, but I doubt many people are reading that anymore.

Oh, and well done to the people who wrote the code (Radha and Ben?)