Gecko Forum

Wednesday May 3rd, 2000

The folks at Custom Browser have a new Gecko forum for discussion of the Netscape-branded HTML rendering ActiveX control. The page houses a web-based discussion forum, and also has a Windows chat client that you can download to participate in an ongoing chat regarding the control. On the page it is also mentioned that Custom Browser will be releasing the source code to a Visual Basic HTML browser which uses the Gecko rendering engine.

Thanks to Howard Ryan for the news.

#1 Embedding

by WillyWonka

Wednesday May 3rd, 2000 5:49 PM

It would be nice if someone who knows the ins and outs of mozilla could write a new doc on how to embed mozilla into a program.

I know one person who is pulling his hair out trying to do it (Without the activex control).

#2 Re: Embedding

by custom

Tuesday May 9th, 2000 11:17 AM


For starters you can get some free VB6 source (early beta) which works well with mozctl.dll.

We are attempting to complete this open source project by July.

Our goal is to do exactly that. Make it easy to understand how to use the Gecko ActiveX control in a web based application such as a browser.

This source we are posting is also being designed so end users can switch rendering engines on the fly.

The source code is very basic and uses ONLY the controls shipped with VB to insure it loads on everyones machines. (No ocx's etc)

Currently, for the Windows enviornment all one has to do is:

1). Tweak the registry

2). Add the controls BIN path to the enviornment path in the autoexec

3). Register the control

and thats about it.

Of course, all this information is available at Adam Locks great page:

We will put up similar instructions at our site next week with PICTURES so anyone will kno exactly how to do all of this.