Two New Channels at

Sunday April 30th, 2000

Robert Kaiser writes, "There are two new chat channels on now that are worth mentioning because some people here could be interested:

#mozui is the first - that's a place for Mozilla UI discussion, chrome, XUL, skin and such stuff...

#mozl10n is the second - it's a channel about Mozilla Localization (L10n), feel free to join us for international contact!

I hope I'll meet some of you people there as well as in #mozillazine! (BTW, my nick there is KaiRo)"

If you don't have a chat client, you can use the client on our chat page. In the message field of the Java applet that comes up, just type

/join #mozui


/join #mozl10n


by basic <>

Tuesday May 2nd, 2000 11:08 AM

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