Two New Channels at

Sunday April 30th, 2000

Robert Kaiser writes, "There are two new chat channels on now that are worth mentioning because some people here could be interested:

#mozui is the first - that's a place for Mozilla UI discussion, chrome, XUL, skin and such stuff...

#mozl10n is the second - it's a channel about Mozilla Localization (L10n), feel free to join us for international contact!

I hope I'll meet some of you people there as well as in #mozillazine! (BTW, my nick there is KaiRo)"

If you don't have a chat client, you can use the client on our chat page. In the message field of the Java applet that comes up, just type

/join #mozui


/join #mozl10n

#1 More New Channels

by krausedw

Monday May 1st, 2000 9:55 PM

There is also a new #bezilla channel for BeOS port of mozilla and a #qa channel for quality assurance. The #bezilla channel was moved to from efnet. Also, the #chatzilla channel has been rather empty recently so I thought I would plug that one here also.

#2 Hacking on mozbot

by krausedw

Monday May 1st, 2000 10:03 PM

Timeless ( has recently been doing a lot of work with the mozbot family of bots. New features are being added rapidly and bugs being fixed. I am spawning new bots right and left on the irc server for the new channels. If you have any suggestions for new stuff email him or me with your comments.


by basic

Tuesday May 2nd, 2000 11:08 AM

Moz in for compatition?