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Tuesday October 13th, 1998

Sandeep Hundal writes in with some thoughts on the Netscape Netcenter "portal". Click Full Article below to read more.

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by Charles Ginzel <>

Tuesday October 13th, 1998 5:22 PM

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A little off subject, but continuing with two of Joel's thoughts, I believe:

(1) Netcenter has good content, but it is difficult to navigate. I've read at least one "talkback" response from someone that had the same difficulty locating the Communicator download. Downloading Communicator SHOULD be one of the easiest things possible if you ask me. After all, that is Netscape's main means for driving traffic to Netcenter at this time.

(2) Netscape does not do a good job of advertising and spreading hype/interest about their products. They did get press early in the year when they announced the public source code release, but they are not following through. Sure they setup, but that site is relatively static from a non-developer stand point. Until I lucked upon, I was worried that nothing was happing with the open source code because there was hardly any press on the status of this development. has done a great job filling this role, but I think it is incumbent on Netscape to push more of this information directly. I realize that Mozilla is not Communicator, but the two are closely related and Netscape should capitalize more on this fact.