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Tuesday October 13th, 1998

Sandeep Hundal writes in with some thoughts on the Netscape Netcenter "portal". Click Full Article below to read more.

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by Joel Caris <>

Tuesday October 13th, 1998 4:09 PM

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The key to a good portal is content. I think Netscape understands this and is working to fix some of its shortcomings.

For instance, the personal finance channel is currently almost completely bare. That will be changing soon. Netscape and Citibank are in the process of setting up an extensive personal finance channel that will offer a broad range of services and much more content.

I also like the Contact service, and the fact that it will almost certainly be integrated with the browser. In the telecommunications field, Netcenter IS acting as the leader. The other portals do little more than offer long distance and a dial up internet connection from AT&T. Netscape Contact will soon offer a full range of communication services using one collective inbox.

I also think that Netscape has a very smart strategy in their most recent announcement--allowing businesses to customize Netcenter. Now, I would love to see that option extended to the individual eventually. If I could access not only other Netscape services through My Netscape, but also files on my own computer, etc., that would be a huge incentive to start up with My Netscape and not some other portal.

Other great Netscape services is Webmail (hugely popular), Professional Connections, the local guides (now done by Digital City) DevEdge, Open Studio, Business Journal, Small Business Source, the Business Channel, and content from C|Net. (On that note, you may not know that you can actually access C|Net through Netscape. Take a look at: <> <> <> <> <>

If you are a frequenter of C|Net and it's various domains, you will instantly recognize these sites.

In fact, just yesterday I started really going through Netcenter and finding what all was available and I must say, Netcenter has a huge amount of content. The problem is that it is not always easy to find.

This is getting pretty long, so I'll wrap it up by saying that Netscape is on the right track with Netcenter. They have been making many right moves. The key is to continue to partner with companies and bring excellent content. The other key is to better advertise that content, which is a whole other subject that I could go off on.

Joel Caris