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Tuesday October 13th, 1998

Sandeep Hundal writes in with some thoughts on the Netscape Netcenter "portal". Click Full Article below to read more.

#1 My Bookmarks

by Corin Royal Drummond <>

Tuesday October 13th, 1998 12:18 PM

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I have a .forward file that bounces a copy of all my pop mail to Netscape Webmail. I like this because I can read my mail from anywhere without re-configuring anyone's mail client. It's also cool to know that my mail won't be lost if I nuke my HD like I did last week.

Similarly, I think it would be cool if Netcenter offered a My Bookmarks feature which would store a users bookmarks on Netscapes servers. That way I can access my identical bookmarks from any Mozilla browser. I woudn't have to worry about having them deleted, or insuring consistency when switching between OS's.