RealNetworks Incorporates Mozilla Rendering Engine In Private-label Media Player

Wednesday April 26th, 2000

According to this article in Netcenter's Tech News section, RealNetworks is adding a downloadable HTML rendering component -- based on Mozilla -- into a private-label version of the Real Player. The player, co-developed by RealNetworks and a company called Global Media, allows for Global Media's Associates to have a branded media-player solution for their broadcasting services.

RealNetworks interest in Mozilla first came to our attention at the Developer Meeting at Mountain View - but I thought they were only evaluating Mozilla at that point. It seems like they've made some progress!

Thanks to Tekhir and others for the news.

#8 Re: Hope those fixes go in - how broken is Moz?

by gerbilpower <>

Thursday April 27th, 2000 10:27 AM

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The past couple of builds have been a little painful to use because of regressions. I'm not sure if Real's code addresses any of the recent regressions but major regressions are usually fixed in a week or two.