RealNetworks Incorporates Mozilla Rendering Engine In Private-label Media Player

Wednesday April 26th, 2000

According to this article in Netcenter's Tech News section, RealNetworks is adding a downloadable HTML rendering component -- based on Mozilla -- into a private-label version of the Real Player. The player, co-developed by RealNetworks and a company called Global Media, allows for Global Media's Associates to have a branded media-player solution for their broadcasting services.

RealNetworks interest in Mozilla first came to our attention at the Developer Meeting at Mountain View - but I thought they were only evaluating Mozilla at that point. It seems like they've made some progress!

Thanks to Tekhir and others for the news.

#1 Cool! Moz in Real

by basic

Wednesday April 26th, 2000 12:07 PM

What about Real in Moz?

#9 Re: Cool! Moz in Real

by samfish

Friday June 30th, 2000 12:10 AM

I don't want anything from Real anywhere on my system. They's as bad as microsoft when it come to changing setting to use their products and their products suck for the most part. When is Mozilla going to be used in something worth having (other than Mozilla that is)?

#2 Well, kinda mixed news actually

by sdm

Wednesday April 26th, 2000 2:00 PM

"The system RealNetworks created for Global Media will use Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser if it is installed on a person's computer and will download the Mozilla-based browser otherwise."

#3 Re: Well, kinda mixed news actually

by gerbilpower

Wednesday April 26th, 2000 3:01 PM

Well a good side to this is that Real's modifications to Mozilla have been made public and there is some discussion about using some of the potential bug fixes by Real :)


#4 and here are the modifications they made public

by RvR

Wednesday April 26th, 2000 4:06 PM

#5 Will the fixes be incorporated in Mozilla

by gemal

Thursday April 27th, 2000 12:20 AM

Since the realnetworker did fix some problems in the mozilla code, will the fixes be included in the mozilla source code?

#6 Re: Will the fixes be incorporated in Mozilla

by gerbilpower

Thursday April 27th, 2000 1:05 AM

They are being looked at and discussed. I would say that most likely many of these fixes will be incorporated into the trunk, but that's just my personal opinion :)


#7 Hope those fixes go in - how broken is Moz?

by Hendy99

Thursday April 27th, 2000 8:41 AM

Would be good if the fixes got used, and yesterday's build I got a -322 installer error =\

#8 Re: Hope those fixes go in - how broken is Moz?

by gerbilpower

Thursday April 27th, 2000 10:27 AM

The past couple of builds have been a little painful to use because of regressions. I'm not sure if Real's code addresses any of the recent regressions but major regressions are usually fixed in a week or two.