Newest Aphrodite Package has Multiple Skins

Monday April 24th, 2000

The newest Aphrodite release, available in the ChromeZone, has a rudimentary skin switching added by Pete Collins. This isn't the "official" skin switching, but it's as close as you can get at this point. To top it off, the Sullivan skin has now been integrated into the Aphrodite package, so you can easily switch to Sullivan (which now comes in two "flavors" - grape and lime). Check out the Aphrodite page on CZ for more details on changes since the last release.

#1 Not working in Today's build?

by phil

Tuesday April 25th, 2000 2:18 AM

I'm using nightly build 2000042417.

When I try to run mozilla with the commandline param for aphrodite, it just hangs at the splash screen.

Mozilla runs fine by itself though.

Anyone else have this problem?

#2 Re: Not working in Today's build?

by bink

Tuesday April 25th, 2000 2:31 AM

According to the release notes it only works with M15 or Netscape PR1, I also tried it with a nightly and it hung. Guess you'll have to download the milestone build if you want to try it out.

#3 XUL change!

by jdh1973

Tuesday April 25th, 2000 4:44 AM

The package doesn't work on the latest build because of a change in the chrome directory last week. Check the UI newsgroups for details


#4 Re: Not working in Today's build?

by petejc

Tuesday April 25th, 2000 6:59 AM

Nope, i only want to target the milestone snaps with these releases. Don't even bother using it with M16 current. I think i put a note about that in the release notes.

thanks for checking it out.


#5 Lookin nice

by asa

Tuesday April 25th, 2000 7:48 AM

Good job pete. Looking forward to each update. Keep up the good work.

#6 CSS2 System Fonts

by basic

Saturday April 29th, 2000 4:30 PM

According the comments in bug 3371 the CSS system fonts feature should work on the Mac. Has anyone tried it?

Not much going on in the gtk and win32 front though...

bug 3371