SmartMail Build Online (With Screenshot!)

Monday October 12th, 1998 has a new Mozilla build at their site. What's so special about this build, you may ask? This one gives the public a first glimpse at SmartMail - the inline mail system being developed by the Mozilla team.

Want to see what's going on without downloading the entire build? Then take a look at this screenshot at MozBin!

#1 Re:SmartMail Build Online

by Chris Nelson

Tuesday October 13th, 1998 7:48 AM

You can use the basic form of the URL in the screenshot to test the SmartMail functions: mailbox://

When you get the window, right click on it and choose the first, empty field on the pop-up menu. That will check the mail. Then, enter your password, and new mail will appear in the window. I believe you have to right-click on the mail and choose "View in New Window" to read it. Very rudimentary, but also *very* cool!


BTW... Post some responses, dammit! PWEASE?!?

#2 Re:SmartMail Build Online (With Screenshot!)

by Reuben Farrelly

Tuesday October 13th, 1998 11:25 PM

The feature sure sounds cool, but on two machines I have tried out both crash immediately after logging into the mail server...