Mozilla UI FAQ

Wednesday April 19th, 2000

Waldo writes, "Just a reminder that there's a Mozilla UI FAQ at this news post."

I've been meaning to get this up on the chromeZone. Hopefully sometime soon.

#6 Native, but XP

by badben

Friday April 21st, 2000 5:21 PM

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> a judgement call [...] sent members of the MacFE team to work on the XPFE along with members of XFE and WinFE...

Yes, this makes sense to me. However, what I don't understand is, why no existing XP toolkit was used. There're lots of toolkits out there, which provide a common API to widgets on all 3 major platforms (Win32, Linux, Mac), e.g. WxWindows (IIRC).

Given, they don't have 100% of the functionality we need, but I am convinced, that it would be a lot easier to enhance these adapters* (and maybe add a treeview for Mailnews) than writing everything from scratch.

*a layer, which just maps a common API to a native one and possibly works out the differences.