Mozilla UI FAQ

Wednesday April 19th, 2000

Waldo writes, "Just a reminder that there's a Mozilla UI FAQ at this news post."

I've been meaning to get this up on the chromeZone. Hopefully sometime soon.

#3 Hi, my name's Peter & I'm a prioritizaion ween

by trudelle <>

Thursday April 20th, 2000 4:52 PM

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Tim, you're beating a dead horse, or as we say at Netscape, playing with a dead snake. I thought I was pretty clear that the decision was based on resource prioritization. There was no way we could have done native development for our top-tier platforms given the constraints. This has been rehashed ever since in one forum or another, but there has been nothing new added that I'm aware of since the decision was made. I'm not going to revisit it in this release cycle. I would love to have a real native UI on each platform, but the only way that will happen anytime soon is if you, and others who care enough about them, write them yourselves. Weren't you on the UI development team for Mac OS? Why don't you head up the Mac-native Moz effort?

By the way, please point out the 'tremendous end-user outcry'. I've heard plenty of this from developers and other techies, but I have yet to see it even mentioned in any usability study or focus group.

Peter Trudelle XPToolkit Manager Netscape