Mozilla UI FAQ

Wednesday April 19th, 2000

Waldo writes, "Just a reminder that there's a Mozilla UI FAQ at this news post."

I've been meaning to get this up on the chromeZone. Hopefully sometime soon.

#11 Re: Hi, my name's Peter & I'm a prioritizaion

by Maroney

Monday April 24th, 2000 2:17 PM

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>Why don't you head up the Mac-native Moz effort?

Because I have a job already. I did an exploratory a little while ago to see whether it would be feasible to do Mozilla work on the side. I found that it took a quarter of my working hours just to keep up with daily builds, without actually doing any programming on the project. That doesn't work.

My impression is that most of the outside programmers contributing to this project have had time budgeted to it by their day-job managers, which is not the case for me.