M15 Out!

Tuesday April 18th, 2000

Mozilla has hit M15. Grab it at the ftp site. Versions currently available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and OpenVMS. You can read the M15 release notes here. And please join us in #mozillazine on to talk about the latest release!

#4 Some info. on what's new...

by Silverthorn <>

Tuesday April 18th, 2000 10:59 PM

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For those people (like me) who haven't been getting all the nightlies, here are some reasons to download this. As an aside, I think this would have made a much better preview release than M14, but oh well, I guess it will always be like that.

History works! You get a history.dat file and links change color after you've been somewhere and it keeps it after restarting the browser, etc... woohoo!

Not only that bug the disc cache works. I enabled it in the debug preferences and set a directory (not sure if setting the directory was necessary), and has been putting stuff in it and not downloading stuff from scratch as I surf.

I remember someone mentioning wanting to be able to increase and decrease the font size. There are options for that on the view menu and they do work. The only bug is you have to manually hit reload in order to see the difference (but since the cache works that doesn't take so long..hehe).

There is also a nifty feature where you can search your bookmarks and history from a special dialog search dialog box, with results listed in a tree (like the windows search or sherlock).

So, overall I think this is a major improvement over M14. Things really seem like they're coming together now...

Shawn =)

P.S. Posted with Mozilla M15 =)