M15 Out!

Tuesday April 18th, 2000

Mozilla has hit M15. Grab it at the ftp site. Versions currently available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and OpenVMS. You can read the M15 release notes here. And please join us in #mozillazine on to talk about the latest release!

#10 Japhar

by basic <>

Wednesday April 19th, 2000 1:29 AM

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I recently posted on the japhar mailing list asking about japhar's mozilla support for linux, and this was the answer I got from them. Could anyone give them a definite answer?

> Well, we have stepped up on the plate a few times, but every time they

> remove the plate by changing the API. I don't know what the current

> status is, but I guess it should be fairly easy to update Japhar to

> support Mozilla again. Is the Mozilla JVM API stable now?

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