Two Articles At Byte Related to Mozilla

Tuesday April 18th, 2000

Tenchiken writes, "Check it out. BYTE has two separate articles on Mozilla and XUL."

The first article is a review of the underlying technology behind Gecko. There is also reference to a very positive (and long) review at WinMag, "Netscape 6 is a Revolution".

The second article, "Web UI on the Cusp of Change", by Jon Udell, is about the UI needs of the next generation of web application development, and in it Jon discusses some possibilities like XUL and technologies from IBM's AlphaWorks division. Jon's recommendation is for an extension to HTML to allow for common widgets such as grids, menus, and trees. I'm curious to hear Mozilla developers' reaction, since XUL already accomodates these requirements, and XBL seems now to be a superset of Microsoft's HTML Components.

#1 XForms

by basic

Tuesday April 18th, 2000 12:01 PM

After XUL version 1 is finalized, maybe XUL can help bring XForms to reality..

#2 Nice UI is worthless without *data*

by ttielkes

Tuesday April 18th, 2000 4:16 PM

One could wish for tree controls, grids and who knows what other sexy GUI controls.

The point is, such things are worthless without data to fill those controls. Fortunately, is seems will make it into M16...(knock on table three times)