Mozilla/Netscape 6 FAQ

Tuesday April 18th, 2000

Gerbil writes, "Having been using Mozilla for many months, and in light of the recent attention that Mozilla has gained with the release of Netscape 6 Preview Release 1, I decided to make a Mozilla/Netscape6 FAQ to address many of the common questions, misconceptions and complaints about it.

To finish the FAQ I am asking the help from MozillaZine and its readers to critique every word of it. This includes corrections, suggestions, advice, etc.

The FAQ as at my site at and email me your comments about it to


#8 Corrections

by badben

Tuesday April 18th, 2000 9:34 PM

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Glossary ========

> Word-Wide-Web Consortium - also known as W3C, or just W3


> W3C [...] approving the Internet standards used to display and organize content on the Internet

s/on the Internet/for the WWW/

The WWW is only a small part of the Internet.

Mozilla ======= > It would be Netscape's job ...

Delete that sentence. It's not only Netscape's job, and you explain that in the next question.

> The Internet is made up of various standards, most of them maintained by the World-Wide-Web Consortium.


Nonsense. See above.

> Mozilla's complex evolution

Add, that Mozilla has only roughly 5% of source code in common with Comm. 4.x.

NS6 ===

> there have been a number of skins created

Tecnically, they're chromes, since the default chrome is not skinnable at the moment (BenGoodger is working on it IIRC).

> Why is it so slow?

Performance is on the schedule for PR3.

> Because of this unfortunately situation


Other =====

> Mozilla offers full support

Be very carefull. E.g. are you sure, that JPEG2000 is supported (I don't know)?

You forgot the mail/news standards.

> Proprietary standards, [...] even Netscape's own additions such as the LAYER tag, are not supported

Wrong. XUL, XBL etc.

> AmigaOS