Article on Mozilla at the German Magazine "Java Magazin"

Saturday April 15th, 2000

Claus Augusti writes, "This article by me was published hard-copied and online in April 2000 in the German 'Java Magazin'. There was a special about open-source projects like Mozilla and Apache. As far as I know this is the first full-length article about Mozilla in German speaking languages."

Claus has also expressed interest in doing a German translation of MozillaZine. I know that a number of people have expressed interest in this in the past, but it never materialized. If you are interested in helping maintain a German translation, please contact Claus.

#10 Re: Corrections

by badben

Tuesday April 18th, 2000 12:53 AM

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> - I hope, ns6 will *not* branch forever I was speaking about Netscape's browser suite, of course (I guess, the new name is "Netscape"???), not version 6. It would be OK to branch version 6 forever. BTW: Apart from the errors, it's a really good article. Most other writers don't even dare to get so technical.