MozillaZine on Standards

Friday April 14th, 2000 has a great series of articles this week focusing on XML standards work. Also be sure to check out their piece, "On Display: XML Web Pages with Mozilla", a great introduction to Mozilla's XML capabilities.

#1 Who's the weenie now!

by jesusX <>

Friday April 14th, 2000 4:08 PM

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Looks like it's the MS engineers who are the weenies now!

This is the old time Engineer rivalry that there used to be before Bill G. made it a cutthroat business.

#2 x-browser-compatible XML

by slm

Sunday April 16th, 2000 11:06 AM

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...wanna see? go to <…85/xml-in-o/xml-in-o.html> and switch to the xml version. - BTW: Mr. Simons page doens't display images w/ linux version of NS6PR1.