Netscape Engineers != Weenies

Friday April 14th, 2000

Contrary to the opinion of MS employees, Netscape engineers are in fact not weenies. Read more in this PCWeek article. It has the latest news on the FrontPage security problem, and explains what the "Netscape engineers are weenies!" comment is doing encoded backwards into a DLL that's installed by default with NT Server 4.0 and IIS.

#5 This isn't a security breach ...

by danielhill <>

Sunday April 16th, 2000 2:55 AM

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You people jump on MS whenever the words Microsoft and Security appear in the same sentence.

If you read Bugtraq, you would see that this ISN'T a security issue.

It's just like about:mozilla. A programmers joke. Sun has just as much useless crap in their software.