Netscape Engineers != Weenies

Friday April 14th, 2000

Contrary to the opinion of MS employees, Netscape engineers are in fact not weenies. Read more in this PCWeek article. It has the latest news on the FrontPage security problem, and explains what the "Netscape engineers are weenies!" comment is doing encoded backwards into a DLL that's installed by default with NT Server 4.0 and IIS.

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by mrpalomar

Tuesday April 18th, 2000 3:57 AM

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The simplest thing I've ever found is at


It's handy. Re RegClean: If anybody bothers to look, you'll find two very large .bmp files that account by themselves for roughly one-fourth of the decompressed program's size. These appear to be start-up or splash panels--which, to my knowledge, are never used at all. Some of this stuff might have some use, but then there are these widget-sets, including a pair that look like the Yin/Yang symbol . . . .