Netscape Engineers != Weenies

Friday April 14th, 2000

Contrary to the opinion of MS employees, Netscape engineers are in fact not weenies. Read more in this PCWeek article. It has the latest news on the FrontPage security problem, and explains what the "Netscape engineers are weenies!" comment is doing encoded backwards into a DLL that's installed by default with NT Server 4.0 and IIS.

#1 Sun does the same thing?

by mrpalomar

Friday April 14th, 2000 7:47 PM

Re:'"'Netscape engineers are weenies!' was a dumb thing to put in there," Cooper said. "But if we took a dictionary cracker and went over Sun's code, we would find the same sorts of things."'

Really? I wonder. While their not the only ones, Microsoft is infamous for putting useless junk in their code--get your hands on a resource extractor and see what you find in a supposedly tiny program like RegClean-- though it's usually not insulting. The PR boys at Sun can strut their egos like fools on occassion, but I've never heard of their programmers doing anything so childish.

So . . . when does the Microsoft Sucks! chrome get released?

#6 Re: Sun does the same thing?

by mr_joker

Sunday April 16th, 2000 3:19 AM

WHich Resource Extractor do you recommend?

#10 Sorry, bit late, but

by mrpalomar

Tuesday April 18th, 2000 3:57 AM

The simplest thing I've ever found is at

It's handy. Re RegClean: If anybody bothers to look, you'll find two very large .bmp files that account by themselves for roughly one-fourth of the decompressed program's size. These appear to be start-up or splash panels--which, to my knowledge, are never used at all. Some of this stuff might have some use, but then there are these widget-sets, including a pair that look like the Yin/Yang symbol . . . .

#2 What people *should* be asking

by locka

Saturday April 15th, 2000 4:06 AM

Isn't this stuff in the server extensions? In which case a security audit or even a simple code review should have picked it up.

The fact that it wasn't speaks volumes for how seriously Microsoft takes security. I.e. not very

#4 Re: What people *should* be asking

by Kenny

Saturday April 15th, 2000 12:22 PM

Does the I.e. in your post stand for Internet Explorer by any chance? ; )

#3 Crap

by Tekhir

Saturday April 15th, 2000 8:13 AM

I'll have to go into work now and fix that on a few servers. Damn those MS idiots.

It makes me wish I had suns. I read a lot about their reliability and security tests they must pass before a product is release.

#5 This isn't a security breach ...

by danielhill

Sunday April 16th, 2000 2:55 AM

You people jump on MS whenever the words Microsoft and Security appear in the same sentence.

If you read Bugtraq, you would see that this ISN'T a security issue.

It's just like about:mozilla. A programmers joke. Sun has just as much useless crap in their software.

#7 Re: This isn't a security breach ...

by WillyWonka

Sunday April 16th, 2000 9:18 AM

> It's just like about:mozilla. A programmers joke. Sun has just as much useless crap in their software.

Yes but this is the 2nd time MS has publically bashed Netscape (That hidden movie and now the Netscape weenies thing). I don't think Netscape places the word "Microsoft" in their easter eggs. Netscape asss stuff like the fish cam and links to their programmers web pages.

#8 Re: This isn't a security breach ...

by pepper

Sunday April 16th, 2000 3:39 PM

You got to be kidding, comparing about:mozilla with a password that gives access to a webserver. Putting your own personal backdoor in an application should be kept in movies from the eighties.

The programmer who did this should be fired immediately. That the password was something disgraceful about Netscape engineers is irrelevant.

Again, Microsoft has made a blunder. Look how their stock is falling.

#9 Um, yeah, we are

by pinkerton

Monday April 17th, 2000 11:08 AM

Well, we _are_ weenies ;)